Destination Wedding in Italy

Family and friends. Laughter and tears. Tuxedo’s and traditional clothes. Sun and hills. Black and white. One unforgettable experience.

It’s pretty difficult to summarize Aki and Britt’s wedding on the Italian slopes of Piedmont. In fact, it’s near impossible. We’d have to bring up everything from the rousing cocktail party right up to the amazing giveaway ceremony on Friday. The crazy wedding prep (read: Mario Kart) of the guys and the ceremony that followed, which gave everyone attending the chills and goosebumps despite the blue skies and baking sunshine. The dinner in a setting that could go straight into a jet set magazine, speeches to make your eyes and mouth water and a humdinger of a party.

But despite a smashing bride, a groom who could easily feature in a Calvin Klein underwear ad and more eyecandy than you can stomach, a great wedding is always about the people attending. They came from all over the world and the gargantuan amount of airmiles that was clocked up was duly matched by a celebration of love that went around the clock. It was a fully on, full-throttle rollercoaster of emotions and we were lucky enough to attend and capture the magic.

See for yourselves. And #grazielehman :-)

Location: La Villa Hotel, Mombaruzzo