What other people say

EDWIN on Best Men
Dank voor deze poëtisch mooie woorden, het ondersteund uitstekend het gevoel wat wij hebben overgehouden aan dit prachtige weekend. Ik moet daarbij zeggen dat twee super gemotiveerde, vakkundige, kunstzinnige, enthousiaste en vooral mooie kerels onze momenten drie dagen lang zo geweldig hebben vastgelegd. Dus ben je op zoek naar top wedding fotografie? Best men weddings are the best!

LANNY MANN (TWOMANN STUDIOS and Fearless Photographer of the year 2014) on Best Men
Jesse and Leonard are talented, highly skilled photographers whose technique is refined and on-point. That, however, is not what photography is about. Photography is about heart and soul, and that's where Jesse and Leonard truly shine. They are two of the most genuine, authentic people I know, with hearts as big as they come. Their art is infused with that heart and soul. Their stories are beautifully told, not simply through their cameras, but through the passion they exude for life and their subjects. Their work shoots straight for the heart, because that's where it comes from.

SIMONE on Best Men
Thanks so much Leonard and Jesse, you guys are the best and so much fun to have around on the day!

AMARENSE on Leonard
An enthusiastic photographer who is just lovely to have around. He’ ll do whatever it takes to document a wedding in an unforgettable way. In our case: he succeeded with flying colors.

DAMON (Fearless top-10 photographer) on Jesse
One of the most talented wedding photographers in The Netherlands and an awesome guy too!


JONANKE on Leonard
Fantastic photographer! Our wedding images and the wedding album are a wonderful recollection of our wedding day. Leonard is a particularly nice person to deal with. He does his work calmly and unobtrusively, but also knows exactly what he wants. He surprised us with his talent to capture the perfect moments. Would absolutely recommend him!

MEIKE on Jesse
Jesse and his pictures in one word: overwhelming. He made us feel totally relaxed, was instantly appreciated by our guests and got every key moment without ever interrupting the flow of our wedding. Never thought we’d receive such beautiful images and that makes our memories even sweeter. Can’t thank you enough.


PETTER on Leonard
Despite the rain on our wedding day, Leonard managed to turn it into something absolutely beautiful. His clear communication and subtle suggestions got us a wonderful set of wedding images, equally classic as precisely how we remember it. Great and lasting memories of a beautiful day.  

ESTHER on Jesse
We were sold every since we saw Jesse’s work for the first time. His vision and style were exactly what we were looking for. During our wedding day, he was a part of us instead of just being a photographer and the end result is exactly what we imagined it would be: perfect.